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The Create What you Speak Podcast is a real-life discussion focusing on how to change your life by changing your thoughts. Every episode features an inspiring topic that offers a chance for you to change your perspective, your mood, and your mindset. And when you change these things, you change your life! Not “preachy” and not just a list of cliched positive thinking beatitudes, Create What you Speak is relatable, and actionable for your life.

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Join me, Sloane Freemont, as I tell my story (really a renaissance) of blowing up my routine, career and social life to create a brand new life that I love in Nashville, TN. The trick to a life re-imagined starts with a decision for something different. Want to believe? Want to make a real change? Subscribe to “Create What You Speak” and learn my secrets, you won’t believe what’s waiting for you on the other side!

The Create What You Speak Podcast is hosted on the Webtalkradio network. A new episode is available every Monday.